Us in a nutshell!

We started as a group of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts coming from a diverse set of industries, from Finance to Telecommunications, Fintech,  and Computer science. We found a common pasion and decided to be more actively involved in the evolution of blockchain technologies.

Our aim is to contribute to the blockchain industry by promoting and providing reliable and secure stacking services and in this way keep blockchains projects, we engaged with, more secured and decentralised.

Thanks for your donations!

Where your donation goes:

  • Technology: Servers, bandwidth, maintenance, and development. Blocksensus aims to be one of the top validators running on a fraction of what other top validators spend, without compromising the security, reliability and availability of the staking services.
  • People and Projects: Other top validators have dozens of employees and incredible capital support. We have 2 full-time and 2 part-time staff members to support our current Cardano Stake Pool, and research and develop future projects. Making a donation contributes to keeping fees fair for delegators and the continuous operation of our Stake Pool which helps keeping Cardano’s blockchain more secure and decentralised.



It's great to have you as a delegator.